Productive Gifting as a Real Estate Agent

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Whether it's your client's first holiday in a new home, or you're celebrating a big home sale or purchase, the gift you choose for your client leaves a lasting impression. Productive gifting is the art of giving a gift which not only reminds your customer of your relationship, but is also a conversation starter and referral generator. 

Avoid promotional items like coasters, keychains, stickers or drink insulators with your logo. These are disposable gifts and are usually replaced by something more meaningful over time. When choosing gifts, consider the following to make sure you're gifting with purpose.

1- Functional

A great gift is something your client can use and appreciate. A functional gift is less likely to be banished to the donation box and stay within reach.

2- Tailored to your client

During your business relationship you've probably learned a lot about your client. Are they avid outdoorsmen? Do they like to cook? Tailoring your customer's gift to fit their interests shows thoughtfulness and reminds your client of your connection.

3- Tied to your business

A business card may not last forever, but your logo on the back of a customized gift is a more permanent and easily accessible way to remind your client of your business. It's easy to put your logo on the bottom of a tumbler or glassware, or on the back of cutting boards or coasters.

4- Gift quality

Give quality gifts. Giving a quality gift reinforces to your client that you value their relationship. Your customer will immediately assign value to your gift upon receipt. Giving a custom engraved cutting board will assign much higher value than a logo keychain and a gift card.

5- Personalization

Give a gift with wow factor. In the eyes of most, personalized gifts are not easily accessible. Clients will be taken aback that you spent extra time and effort finding and obtaining a personalized gift. 

If you can check all these boxes, then congratulations, you have a memorable and productive gift! Productive gifting is also a great tool for generating organic social media traffic to your business.

In our current social media climate, people are much more prone to sharing unique and special things online. That bespoke gift which took your client's breath away is likely to turn into a social media post with a picture of your gift and a tag to your business. 

You may be thinking- this is great! I'm going to start gifting productively for my business, but I don't know where to start. That's where we can help. Here at Like No Otter Design Co, we have expert designers with a unique stock of premium gifts on hand, ready to personalize for your clients. 

We offer complimentary consultations with each of our real estate transactions to make it easy to find the best gift for your client. Let us do the hard work so you can focus on what matters most and close the transaction with a spectacular gift.

Want to learn more about our real estate gifting partnership? Send us a message or chat to get started!

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